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Pygeum is a tree bark that contains chemicals that help shrink the prostate. Big ass and big pussy pics. Semen is largely made up of water, and the part of your body that produces semen requires excellent hydration to work its magic.

I should warn you that I am not a doctor, and that this article is only my personal account and should NOT be taken for medical advice. Straight male masturbation tumblr. Drinking lots of water helped me more than anything else, but having a proper diet is also good to nourish your body. However, most of my research indicated that it primarily focused on sperm quality and quantity, and not so much on actual semen volume. Naked black ebony women. Semen is largely made of protein, and I wanted to get as much as I could.

In my case, I figured I was getting enough Vitamin C from a healthier eating regimen, and chose not to supplement with it so as to reduce variables in my experiment. You need more volume to give you that kind of thrust, and I can tell you that btm really felt turned on seeing that I was turned on enough to finish with such volume and force… wet spot aside. I chose to take one mg tablet of pygeum daily. It definitely felt a lot better to shoot when I was hard as a pipe rather than the times I was half-erect.

Alcohol also causes dehydration, which dries up the parts that keep semen produced. Hydration is one of the most important factors for consistently high load sizes. Posted October 17, at 2: Tobacco alters male hormone levels in a way that decreases semen production in the body. Straight male masturbation tumblr. Sex styles in pictures. Practice makes prefect ladies!

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I have no explanation for this. Big ass syrian. What did happen almost every time was that I got a rock hard erection and lasted longer than usual. In general, pre-packaged foods are bad for you, but I cut back on salt in particular. Objects entering your anus will pull on your hair down there and it will not feel nice. Straight male masturbation tumblr. I consider myself pretty average, and I was able to achieve great success with my loads despite some of these factors.

You need more volume to give you that kind of thrust, and I can tell you that btm really felt turned on seeing that I was turned on enough to finish with such volume and force… wet spot aside. I gave myself permission to take two days off when I wanted to eat something else for breakfast or skip breakfast , and I think the protein boost had an effect, because I noticed slightly better output on days when I had a lot of protein.

Zinc I made the mistake of taking zinc on an empty stomach for the first time… and ended up vomiting. After I started taking zinc without noticing much of a difference in ejaculate volume, I did some more research. Cartoon sex on tumblr. Now, a few frequently asked questions before we get to my results: The best way I found to increase my loads was through herbs.

For me, maca, lecithin, and pygeum had the absolute biggest impact on increasing my semen loads as well as orgasm intensity. Your body needs lots of water to work at full capacity. Permalink How to increase semen volume: Dark Chocolate The say chocolate is an aphrodisiac that boosts your sex drive… and your loads.

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It is commonly taken by men with prostate-related issues such as poor urine flow or nighttime urination. Perhaps I also anticipated a better reaction from my partner, which added to the excitement. For example, I have heard that some male enhancement supplements can negatively effect herpes.

That made half of my water consumption really easy. I actually did it, and after two weeks, I had the biggest load and one of the most sensitive orgasms of my entire life. I found that waiting two days was enough for me; other men report days.

What are the best vitamins and herbs? I had a problem, though: It turns out that zinc is better for improving sperm quality more than actual semen quantity. Straight male masturbation tumblr. I had sex with before, was that it was taking me longer than usual to finish. Here are the herbs I took:.

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