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Failure needs to have a significant-enough punishment that it will push him to exercise and stretch for so many days to try to reach the goal. Naked men free photos. You can even make him act like he is happy when you touch him. Tumblr cuckold humiliation. Depending on how you position his arms, this can be easy or extremely difficult.

Slave must kiss some part of Mistress under some conditions. Demand proof that he did them. Amanda adkins nude pics. X belt slaps cock Then tease him by doing things to him that would make him want to close his legs Punishment Ideas Breaking this rule is all about not giving you access to his cock and balls, or about him not putting them on display for you. Warn him about a severe punishment if he orgasms, then tie him down and ride him until he does. It can be very useful, because he has to actively think about what other secrets he can divulge.

Every time he orgasms, he owes you a favor. Cuffs while sleeping are just fine. Still, it was deeply thrilling to see her put herself out like that.

Use your imagination after that.

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Make him lock himself to the toilet or to some other immovable object by running a chain behind it. Asian hairy pussy pictures. He may not speak unless addressed by someone asked a question, etc.

Type of kiss, duration, and number of kisses are up to you. Your freshly-worn panties, a jalapeno, or a piece of soap. Punishment Ideas This is simple: We use this list in a very simple framework when setting up scenes. Tumblr cuckold humiliation. Make him wear a ball gag for thirty minutes every time he forgets Tape his mouth shut when he forgets Make him eat or drink something like alcohol?

To make it more miserable I made him lie on the floor, belly down at the following times: You can put a blindfold on him before he kisses. Ideas for Normal Situations When Mistress enters the room, slave has a certain amount of time to make himself hard. Take away the use of his hands using ropes or chains and let him use his mouth as hands for a while. Naked men free photos. Force him to wear bright red lipstick and gloss make his lips kissable to remind him what his duty is.

For every penny that drops, punish him. He has to lock himself to the bed when he goes to sleep.

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Tough way to start the evening. All of these require a test after a long period of time to see if he meets the goal. Try to get him to call out in pain several times. You require your slave to wear a collar, wrist cuffs, or ankle cuffs, or any combination both as a symbol that you own him and so that you can quickly restrain him at any time. You can choose to have him give you a number of orgasms instead of a number of days. Tumblr cuckold humiliation. We play like this often …. Give him a time limit to obey.

Tie him spread-eagled on the bed. Birmingham uk escort. Test him by giving him a list of things to do while you are away. I love pictures like this.

Its always delightful when a pet follows through with his commands.

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